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Tim Munson

Tim Munson serves as Exploration Manager for Spartan Resources, LLC in Oklahoma City. Spartan is a privately held Oil & Natural Gas exploration company owned by the Noble and Brown families of Oklahoma. Munson is a graduate of West Texas State University earning B.S. and M.S. degrees in geology. He started his career in 1986 working for Mesa Petroleum in Amarillo, TX. In 1991 he joined Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation in Oklahoma City and in 1997 he joined Spartan Resources. Munson began his involvement with the OERB in 2000 volunteering as a PetroPro. Since then he has assisted the OERB in developing various educational curricula and programs such as CORE Energy, Fossils to Fuels II and the PetroTech Program. Tim also serves on the Public Education and Scholastic Outreach Committees and is the lead instructor for the PetroTech Program. Munson also serves on the board of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, the Coalition for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education in Oklahoma and the Executive Advisory Board of the Meinders School of Business at Oklahoma City University. He also is a guest lecturer for the University of Oklahoma Energy MBA Program.

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