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Joe Brevetti

Charter Oak Production Co. LLC
Oklahoma City, OK
Representing Qualifications: Independent
Appointed by the Governor

Mr. Joseph (Joe) Brevetti is with Charter Oak Production Co., LLC where he manages all aspects of oil and gas operations, prospect, and property evaluation for independent exploration and development. Charter Oak presently operates nearly 200 wells in Oklahoma and Texas and drills approximately six new wells each year. Mr. Brevetti began his career with Schlumberger Oilfield Services where he served in a variety of capacities including Field Engineer, District Operations Management, Sales, and Development Engineering in numerous locations in South Texas, Gulf Coast, Rockies and Mid-Continent areas.  He also is an active member of the OERB’s Committee for Sustaining Oklahoma’s Energy Resources (SOER).

He has served as a former professor in the Petroleum Engineering department at The University of Oklahoma. Brevetti also has three publications, “Comparison of Core and Formation Images in the Hunton Formation”, AAPG Poster Session, First Place, AAPG Regional Meeting, “Application of Rock Stress in Hydraulic Stimulation”, SPE Production Operations Symposium and “Evaluation of Fractured Carbonates in the Mid-Continent Region”, SPWLA Annual Logging Symposium.

Joe Brevetti and his wife have been married for 43 years with three children and five grandchildren.