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Every Mile. Every Day. Drive Safe. These are just words until we all commit to living them out.

Responsible driving is a way of life, and a way to save lives. The oil and natural gas industry is committed to making busy roadways in communities where we work less dangerous so everyone arrives at their destination safely.

The OERB Road Safety program aims to bring together community leaders, energy providers and safety supporters who are committed to positively impacting driver safety in communities where we work, play and live.

Join us in this mission to share the road responsibly.

Safety corridor infographic

Road safety initiatives.

Safety is the number one priority and goal of the oil and natural gas industry. That is why we are working with state agencies, law enforcement and local officials to enact as many proactive steps as possible to ensure drivers in our communities are safe. Below are some of the steps we are taking to accomplish that mission.


The industry, state agencies and law enforcement agencies have joined together to create a Safety Corridor on Highway 33 between Kingfisher and Watonga. The goal of the corridor is to eliminate distracted driving, encourage lower speeds and remind travelers to utilize seat belts. All of these precautions will help community members and industry workers arrive at their destination safely.

Since the Safety Corridor’s inception in early 2019, collisions have decreased by 37%.

Two people in an ATV driving through a test course while an officer looks on.

Free driver’s training for Oklahoma students.

With safety as a top priority, the oil and natural gas industry is actively involved in ensuring their drivers, as well as others sharing the roads in these areas, are equipped with information on how to remain safe while driving.

Working with national programs like Alive at 25, the OERB can provide free driver’s training to Oklahoma students.

Safety collateral materials

Free resources.

As part of our educational programs, we offer Oklahoma teachers and instructional driving schools free classroom materials. The materials are a way to reach students with our message. We encourage students to use our folders for homework!

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