Voluntarily funded by the people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas.

The OERB is funded through a voluntary one-tenth of one-percent assessment on the sale of oil and natural gas in Oklahoma, paid for by oil and natural gas producers and royalty owners.

Major oil companies, large and small independents, and royalty owners all contribute an equal share to support the OERB in its environmental and educational programs. Although their individual, political and corporate idealisms and philosophies may differ at times, all support and share the OERB’s mission.

Though the OERB is a privatized state agency, it operates more like a streamlined business, keeping administrative costs at less than 10 percent of the budget. By far, the single largest budget allocation goes toward environmental restoration – and the results can be seen in nearly every county in Oklahoma.

Public and student education together make up the second greatest expenditure. This reflects our desire to teach all Oklahomans about the positive impact of the petroleum industry.

For each participating party, an assessment is remitted to the Oklahoma Tax Commission in the same manner as is provided by law for the payment of gross production tax. If the assessment is less than $25 per month, cumulative amounts of $25 or less may be remitted quarterly.

Any producer or royalty owner who does not wish to participate can apply for a refund from January 1 to March 31 each year. Historically, 95 percent of all OERB contributions remain in the fund – making ours one of the most strongly supported checkoff programs in the country.


You may submit your assessment online.

Click here to download a refund packet

Click here to download the Producer Education refund packet

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For questions, or to request refunds, call 1-800-664-1301.