All we need is your energy.

The people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas are looking for the curious. The contrarians. Those who aren’t afraid to hear, “That’s crazy,” and then go out and prove everyone wrong. We’ve always had gamechangers. We need more. Those who will figure out ways to lower emissions, improve the environment and keep us energy-independent. That’s why we are all in when it comes to supporting education, funding STEM labs and providing scholarships. In short, we need your energy.

High school students making notes and reviewing slides in a microscope

University-Level Education Resource Links

Interested in pursuing a degree in the oil and natural gas industry? Here are some informative links to local petroleum programs and scholarship opportunities.

University of Oklahoma | Norman, OK

Oklahoma State University | Stillwater, OK

University of Tulsa | Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma City University | Oklahoma City, OK

OERB Careers Guide

One in five jobs in Oklahoma are connected to oil and natural gas activity. For a look at career paths in the industry, our Careers Guide will walk you through the job descriptions and what qualifications you’ll need.

Careers Guide

Miranda’s story could be your story.

Miranda pursued a degree that led her to working in Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry. And, she’s pretty proud of it. As a productions and operations engineer, Miranda is making a positive impact in our state and our environment.