Sun is setting with cloudy gray skies with a pump jack
Man with white hard hat and goggles standing in front of pump jack with the sun shining bright above him
Two workers standing side-by-side wearing blue jeans, dark jackets, and white hard hats while reviewing large metal pumps and pipes
Male worker dressed in jeans, dark jacket, and black hard hat descending the stairs between two large metal tanks
Sun is setting with a pump jack, skies are navy blue and yellow

Leave it to the professionals.

Our state and country are fueled by the people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas. To keep our land and neighbors strong and secure, we must admire well sites from afar and leave them to the professionals who are trained to work them.

Two workers wearing jeans, dark jackets, and white hard hats while walking in front of three large metal tanks

Well sites are not play sites.

Yeah, they look cool, but they are dangerous to anyone who is not a trained professional. The experts who work on well sites have lots of training and education to enable them to find and produce the resources that fuel our quality of life. Do your part in keeping Oklahoma and our neighbors safe by admiring well sites from afar. And maybe someday you’ll be able to work well sites once properly trained. Explore all the awesome opportunities in Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry.

Explore Opportunities

Smart people work in the oil and natural gas industry.

Some of the smartest people in the nation, including engineers, geologists and computer programmers, work in oil and natural gas. They are professionally trained to work on the well sites that keep our state and country running. Leave it to them to keep our well sites working by admiring well sites from afar.