OERB Powers Education

Did you know that the people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas have contributed more than $2 billion dollars to public schools in the state over the last decade? In addition, with their voluntary funding, the OERB is able to provide millions of dollars to help teachers and students from elementary school to the collegiate level. By providing curricula, free training, materials, educational trips and in-class presentations, the OERB helps Oklahoma teachers reach more students through entertaining activities and experiments.

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OERB HOMEROOMJust For Teachers

From free curricula to supplies and training, the OERB gives teachers the tools they need to teach students about the oil and natural gas industry.To learn more about OERB's education curricula or to sign-up for a workshop, visit OERBHomeroom.com

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Petro Pros are oil and natural gas professionals who volunteer their time to visit Oklahoma classrooms to show kids the science and business of their industry. Using rocks, fossils, drill bits, and maps, Petro Pros demonstrate how oil and gas are formed, discovered and produced.

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Duh-Duh Dangerous is OERB's new safety campaign targeting students K-6th grade.  The campaign was kid-tested and kid-approved.  Using a musical concept, Duh-Duh Dangerous uses a series of raps to educate young students about the dangers of playing around well sites.

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Lucky is a campaign aimed at teenagers.  A series of television and radio advertisements help drive the message that hanging out or partying around abandoned oilfield sites is risky business.

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From tips on how to stretch each gallon of gas to cutting utility bills in Summer, Winter and year round, the OERB provides helpful information you can use minimize energy use and start saving today.

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