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Oklahoma Energy Resources Board Contractor Registration Application

The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB), an agency of the state of Oklahoma contracts for reclamation/remediation work at abandoned oilfield sites throughout the state. Projects generally include activities associated with cleanup of oil and gas exploration and production locations. Submittal of this form will assure notification of the submitting contractor for projects with estimated costs greater than $50,000. These projects will also be publicly advertised in the county where the work will take place.




The following described company hereby applies for registration to receive Notice of Bids for Construction (project reclamation/remediation) work offered by the OERB.

Please enter all numbers without a comma, dollar sign or decimal point.


Current OERB policies require surety bonding in excess of Thirty Thousand Dollars (30000). If none, state 'None'.

Please enter all numbers without a comma, dollar sign or decimal point.


The OERB requires a minimum of $1,000,000 Commercial General Liability Insurance, $1,000,000 Business Automobile Liability Insurance, and Statutory Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Coverage. The OERB and its officers, directors, employees and the Oklahoma Energy Education Foundation and its employees shall be written or endorsed as additional insured. The OERB will be given at least 10 days prior written notice in the event of cancellation or material change in insurance. Provide the name and address of your insurance agent and insurance company:



Recent Jobs

Please list the most recent jobs related to oilfield remediation/reclamation projects or other pertinent restoration/construction projects you have completed during the last five (5) years. Failure to list three (3) appropriate references, contact names and telephone numbers may preclude applicant from bidding on OERB jobs.


Applicant understands and agrees that the OERB may contact any reference listed herein to verify the information provided by the Applicant. In addition, the Applicant understands and agrees that the OERB may also access public records, including but not limited to, UCC filings, court records and filings, and other public records for purposes of evaluating the Applicant. Applicant acknowledges and agrees that any unfavorable report(s) that the OERB obtains during its evaluation could preclude the Applicant from being awarded OERB contracts.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

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