Reducing Emissions. protecting air. 

Technology continues to play an increasing role in reducing emissions at well sites and gathering stations. Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas producers work closely with the EPA and other regulatory agencies to meet or exceed federal, state and local standards.

With more than 300,000 miles of pipelines spread across the U.S., this infrastructure is constantly monitored to ensure its integrity.

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Drone-based monitoring

As world energy consumption continues to rise, clean, abundant natural gas provides a way to meet our energy needs with fewer overall carbon emissions. Advanced drilling and completion technologies are making natural gas increasingly accessible throughout Oklahoma. 

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Reduced CO2 emissions

Deploying advanced technologies, state of the art controls and adherence to the highest environmental standards, Oklahoma oil and natural gas producers have adopted best practices to limit emissions from engines, gas processing equipment and other sources involved in drilling and production. 

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Emission Control

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