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OERB Petrotech program

The OERB PetroTech Certification Program if offered in collaboration with Francis Tuttle Technology Center and Tulsa Technology Center.

Due to COVID-19, both campuses have been closed. However, the people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas are committed to providing oil and natural gas professionals with resources that can be of the most value in the current climate. Through their voluntary funding we are offering free virtual classes for those in our industry who are currently out of work. The four classes are: SQL, Python, Excel (levels 1-3) and Resume & Writing. 
If you are interested in enrolling, please fill out the application below or contact Cheryl Standage at 
Space is limited. Classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis.




Virtual Classroom application, click here.

Certification application, click here. 

Non-certification application, click here. 

If you are in the oil and natural gas industry and are interested in taking individual classes, please submit the non-certification application. 

Find the latest PetroTech updates on our LinkedIn Page. 

PetroTech is a focused technical training program for individuals interested in acquiring the knowledge and certification necessary to pursue a career in Oklahoma's oil and natural gas industry. This certification can assist individuals in obtaining a position as a Geological, Engineering or Land Technician.

The PetroTech program is also a valuable training for individuals currently employed in the oil and natural gas industry who are looking to hone their skills, build their resume and/or seek promotions within their company. 

Students will learn valuable applications in these required core classes. Click here for a detailed course description and list of prerequisites.

Petroleum Business Applications 

  • Well & Production Data Management       
  • Mud Logging & Electric Logging 
  • Oil & Natural Gas Economics 
  • Land & Lease Records 
  • Geological Mapping
  • ArcGIS in the Petroleum Industry
  • Industry Access Practices
  • Power BI
  • Resume & Writing


  • Courses are taught by instructors with significant industry experience
  • 11 classes are required for a PetroTech certification
  • Evening classes from 6-9 p.m. are perfect for working professionals
  • Classes vary in length from four to six weeks.
  • Students can complete the PetroTech program in as little as 10-12 months. Classes are offered based on student demand.
  • Registration is conveniently available through


  • Potential applicants currently NOT in the oil and natural gas industry must submit an official high school diploma, GED equivalent or college transcript. Your application will not be processed without providing one of these items.
  • Applicants currently employed in the industry do not need to submit transcripts.


  • Each course ranges in cost from $45-$315 per module.
  • The average cost for the complete certification is $2,000-$2,500.
  • Students are required to pay for each class upon enrollment through our online processing system.
  • Students in the PetroTech program are not eligible for Title IV financial aid: Pell Grants, SEOG grants, OTAG grants, Stafford Student Loans or current funding for unemployed workers through state agencies.
  • Scholarships are currently available on a limited basis. Please see program application for details.
  • A complete list of fees can be found on the course descriptions section of our Web site.  


"I enrolled in the Petro Tech program in the fall of 2007. At the time I was an administrative assistant to the business development team at Enogex and while working on projects my interest in the industry grew and the Petro Tech program was a great opportunity to get a look at all the industry operations. I was hired by SandRidge Energy as a measurement  tech directly from the program. The knowledge and industry understanding I gained as a PT student helped me quickly advance from a tech to an Analyst in less than 6 months. I would highly recommend this program for anyone interested in the energy industry but doesn’t  know where to start. This is a great way to get an overall understanding of geology, drilling, operations, reserves and reporting, equipping the students with the skills to build a solid foundation for their career." - Kristy Johnson, Sandridge Energy

“I First learned about the program during my class at Tulsa Technology Center. After researching and talking to a PetroTech graduate, I quickly enrolled in the program. After my first class, Intro to Oil and Gas, it made me want to know more about the industry. Each class I took helped build a foundation for the next class. We started off with the basics and as the courses went on, we began to move into the more advanced curriculum. This included software that Engineer Technician, Geological Technician, and Land Technician use in their fields of career. Not only did we learn about the software but also what it takes to be a good technician. The instructors made the classes enjoyable and effective by taking the time to make sure that all students understood the subject. They offered to stay after or come in before the class begun to help those who were still struggling in class. Many brought in samples from their work for students to examine. The OERB PetroTech program is a great choice for someone who has no history and is looking to get into the oil and natural gas industry or someone who has been in the field and would like a refresher in the new technology.” - Spurgeon Wambugu

"I heard about the OERB PetroTech Program from a co-worker with an employer outside of the Oil and Gas Industry in 2007 and was intrigued. I had worked in Accounting for over 20 years and was ready for a change.  I applied for and received an OERB Scholarship. The OERB PetroTech Program gave me the training and exposure I needed to get my start in the Oil and Gas Industry. I first started off as a Geo Tech but quickly realized that with my accounting background the Reservoir Engineering Tech position was a better fit for my skills. I love working in the Oil and Gas Industry and am so thankful for my OERB PetroTech Scholarship. This program exposed me to all of the different careers within the industry and helped me gain an overall understanding. It has been 10 years since I went through this program and I now supervise a Team of 4 Engineering Techs. We are constantly learning and growing. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to further their knowledge in the oil and gas industry or to get started in this industry." - Tina Boag, Continental Resources, Inc.

"I was working at Enogex and a co-worker who had recently completed the OERB Petro Tech program encouraged me to enroll. Even though I was working in the oil and gas industry, I was interested in learning more about the basic operations. The classes provide a wide variety of information that is easy to understand. The instructors are extremely helpful and knowledgeable since they work in the industry. Completing all the courses has thoroughly improved my understanding of the oil and gas industry and I recommend the program to anyone who wants to pursue a new career." - Delena Blocker, Mustang Fuel Corp. 

The OERB PetroTech program is a technical training program. This is not a job placement program, and the OERB is not responsible for career opportunities. The OERB cannot guarantee job placement upon certification. If you have additional questions, please contact the OERB at 800.664.1301 ext. 231 or at


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