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For Employers


OERB’s PetroTech Program makes it easy to find employees trained specifically for jobs in the oil and natural gas industry. The PetroTech classes were all created by business professionals and are instructed by qualified individuals working in the oil and natural gas industry. Students receive training tailored to provide the necessary background information and software experience to step right into a geological, land or engineering tech position. 

The PetroTech program uses current industry software to give students at least 54 hours in computer-based training using real world data. The software classes offered in the PetroTech program include: ArcGIS, PHDWin, PowerTools, ARIES, Geographix, PETRA and Power BI. 

Students also develop skills in Mud and Electric Logging, Well and Production Data Management, Oil and Gas Economics and Land and Lease classes. Overall, students receive over 100 hours of classroom training, along with countless one-on-one time with leading industry professionals. 


Companies who have hired PetroTech graduates: 
Chaparral Energy
Chesapeake Energy
Continental Resources
Crown Energy
Devon Energy
Kimray, Inc.
Linn Energy
Magnolia Petroleum
Mercer Valve Co., Inc.
Muirfield Resources
Paladin Surface Logging, LLC
Range Resources
Williford Energy

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