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Gas Math

We have told you about the thousands of jobs just here in Oklahoma – 350,000 of them – supported by oil and natural gas drilling. And, we talk about how affordable natural gas prices lead to affordable energy bills in the winter. So, on the surface it’s easy to say the benefits of shale gas outweigh the costs of drilling. However,...

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It's My Energy, I'll Save if I Want to

We're finally recovering from another Oklahoma summer that soared into triple digits. Several days of breaking record temperatures near 110 degrees and a lack of rain forced Governor Mary Fallin to order a statewide burn ban that remains in effect. At one point, the state's larger cities mandated water rationing and even utilities were asking custo...

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Game, Set, Natural Gas

Power plants fired by natural gas have set a new record by producing as much electricity in the U.S. as those run by coal. Looking at data from April, natural gas plants generated the same share of U.S. power as those running on coal – at 32 percent. This is the first time this has happened since the Energy Information Administration began ke...

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