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Add To DockNGVs Gearing Up

A report released October 2009 by Colorado’s Pike Research shows the number of CNG powered cars on the road worldwide will hit the 17 million mark over the next five years, nearly doubling.
Pike Research, based in Boulder, Colo., conducts market research and consulting. The firm estimates 9.7 million NGVs were on the road in 2008. The top five markets using the low-emission vehicles are overseas – Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, Iran and India. However, the United States and Canada are expected to be the fastest growing markets in the next five years.
“Governments, fleet managers and consumers are increasingly recognizing the environmental benefits of lower emissions from natural gas vehicles,” said Pike industry analyst Dave Hurst in a statement.
NGVs biggest obstacles, according to Hurst: lack of a refueling station infrastructure. Pike concluded that in regions where NGVs are widely used, adoption is largely due to low fuel prices and adequate refueling stations as well as government subsidies for vehicles, fuel and that infrastructure.

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