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83,000 jobs
There are 83,000 energy industry jobs in Oklahoma. These figures were compiled by the Steven C. Agee Economic Research and Policy Institute at Oklahoma City University released in May 2012.

Since 2009, the oil and natural gas industry in Oklahoma has added 12,000 jobs.  Indirectly, 344,500 jobs are supported by the industry. The entire document can be viewed in PDF format here.

oil & oklahoma
Oklahoma boasts  more than 120,000 active oil and gas wells and is the country’s No. 5 oil producer and No. 4 natural gas producer.
U.S. Energy Information Administration

The oil and natural gas industry employs more than 3% of the total Oklahoma workforce, generating $28 billion in the state's personal labor income.  That's one out of every $5, and an average income of $113,000 annually.

Oklahoma's oil and natural gas industry paid nearly $1 billion in direct gross production tax collections in 2011.
Source: Oklahoma's Oil and Natural Gas Industry Economic Impact and Jobs Report

Drilling for Talent
Excerpt from The Oklahoman
It's estimated that nearly half the workforce in Oklahoma are between the ages of 50-60 years old. Only 15% are in their mid-30s or younger.

4th in the nation
Oklahoma ranks fourth in the nation in natural gas production, producing 1.91 million cubic feet of natural gas.
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

72 out of 77 counties
The impact of the industry reaches nearly every area of the state.  Oil and natural gas workers reside in every county, and the production of either oil or natural gas occurred in 72 of the state’s 77 counties in 2011.
Source: IHS Energy

Scholarship opportunities
The OERB distributes up to $500,000 each year to petroleum-related majors at OU, OSU, OCU and TU.
Source: Oklahoma Energy Resources Board

Technical Training for your career
Oklahomans looking for energy industry jobs that do not require a college degree can participate in the OERB PetroTech program, which provides career tech training.  Right now, there are nearly 500 students attending the classes.
Source: Oklahoma Energy Resources Board

Ethanol could cost an SUV driver nearly $500 more per year than Gasoline
Excerpt from the article in the Wall Street Journal: Fill Up With Ethanol? One Obstacle Is Big Oil?

“While the fuel (Ethanol) usually costs less, it can be costlier to drivers because they get about 25% fewer miles per gallon from ethanol than from gasoline. At a pro-ethanol group called the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, Executive Director Monte Shaw estimates that E85 has to be at least 20 to 30 cents a gallon cheaper to compete with gasoline on price.

Iowa statewide average prices on a recent day were $2.18 a gallon for regular gasoline and $1.97 for E85, according to a Department of Energy Web site. Because E85 is less energy-intensive, the site said, it would cost the average owner of a big Chevy Tahoe SUV about $2,364 a year to fuel it with E85, and $1,935 to fuel it with regular gasoline.”

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